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Portuguese 25




Students must be between 14 to 17 years old to enrol in these classes.

Students can receive 5 Alberta Education high school credits upon completion.  Students can also challenge a higher-level course if their language proficiency is acceptable.


  • Travel and Transportation

  • Health and wellness

  • Technology and social media

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Jobs and professions

  • Housing and accommodation

  • Shopping and money

  • Relationships and emotions

  • Cultural events and traditions

  • Sports and leisure activities

  • Personal pronouns

  • Verb ''to be''

  • Present tense regular verbs

  • Singular and plural

  • Female and Male

  • Synonyms and opposites

  • Subject and predicate

  • Invariable demonstratives

  • Variable demonstratives

  • Definite and Indefinite articles

  • Possessive pronouns 

  • Present Continuous 

  • Prepositions of place

  • Interrogative pronouns

  • Word Family

  • Homophonic, homonymous and homograph words

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