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Board Members 2022-2023:

The Board consists of nine people who are elected during the Annual General Meeting, which is held every year in Abril or May.


The Gil Vicente Portuguese School is a non-profit entity and as such is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of Parents and Guardians.


The Board is committed to providing governance and wise long-term strategies of sustainability. To that end,  it seeks the expertise of its parent community as well as the greater community it serves.


The board seeks diversity in its membership – gender, age, race/ethnicity/religion, language, resources, and of course, opinions. It seeks individuals with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and resources in order to promote creativity and innovation.


All members work toward one overarching and supremely important purpose-the education of children for a global community.


Kara De Jong


Celia Freitas


Josemar Fautimo da Cruz


Nadine Diogenes

Director of Outreach and Community Engagement:

Patricia Goden

Director of School Activities and Social Media:

Sonia Maciel

Director of Cultural Activities and Fundraising:

Fernanda O'Connell

Auditor 1:

Neil Botelho

Auditor 2:

Sara Moscatel

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