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Welcome to Gil Vicente Portuguese School

          Gil Vicente Portuguese School was founded in September of 1971. In June of 1973, the Portuguese Government recognized the school's achievements and students' achievements were recognized in Portugal.  Immigrating Portuguese families arriving in Canada, allowed the interest in the school to grow within the community. The number of students reached its peak in 1982/1983 with approximately 200 students. Over the years, due to changes in the government in Portugal and improvements in the standards of living, there was a slow decline in families immigrating to Canada. Those that were already here became more integrated within the Canadian culture and the number of students attending Portuguese School declined.


          In recent years the interest in learning the Portuguese language has begun increasing once again. The number of students remains consistent with approximately 100. This is believed to result from our Portuguese 15, 25 & 35 credit courses and changes to the Alberta Learning Standards. Gil Vicente school blends learning the Portuguese language with embracing the Portuguese culture and traditions.

Students and the community at large are beginning to become more aware of the importance of a second language, not only for family relationships but also for professional advantages.


          Gil Vicente Portuguese School presently offers classes from Pre-Kindergarten 1 to  High School credit courses of Portuguese 15, 25 and 35, as well as Adult Classes. Our classes are 100% immersion in Portuguese having only the English language as a support to explain specific questions that could be otherwise misunderstood. Students are also taught in small groups, turning the learning processing the building their bond with their classmates even stronger. Anyone interested in learning Portuguese is welcome.


Gil Vicente Portuguese School
Pre-K to Portuguese 35
(Located in St. Cecilia Junior High)
8830 132 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta
T5E 0X8

Gil Vicente Portuguese School
Adult Classes

(Located in St. Cecilia Junior High)
8830 132 Avenue NW Edmonton, AlbertaT5E 0X8


September 26th, 2021

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